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My name is Heather Zhou


Short Version

My name is Heather Zhou. I am an artist and marketer based in Shenzhen, China. I create bright and colorful images to express and share energy of love, freedom and joy. For me art is an extension of my personality and emotions, and a visual way to tell stories. 

I am open to collaboration and licensing. If you have any idea of working together, please feel free to contact me.


Long Version

I started to be a self-taught illustrator in 2017, and found my current style in 2022. Here’s the story.

Early Years:

I naturally have a love for aesthetics and the things I read and saw long ago still have an influence on me. As a kid I love fairytale books. Later I got obsessed with modern art and imaginary fashion photographic. These early influences are still a source of inspiration for me.



I’ve been working in the internet industry full-time after I got a bachelor degree in statistics. In early 2017 an amazing work caught my eyes and inspired me to start creating. In this period, I worked with some ad agencies and publishers in my spare time, and I tried to imitate some popular styles and techniques. But I didn’t feel that was the right way to find my art style. It wasn’t.



Then the pandemic made a sudden pause to everything. I had time to explore feelings and inner experiences. I tried and learned other creative art forms like writing and acting to unveil the mystery of inspiration. And I learned to be more patient.



I finally found a more stable artists style and I’ve been growing this art portfolio since late 2022. Also I switch to draw on iPad and in vector and developed a workflow to let my inner self naturally live on my artworks.


My thought about my art journey, well, I would say: “This is only the beginning.” I hope to meet more creative and passionate people like you and let’s create together along the way!


Thank you for reading! 

If you would like to work with me, please feel free to contact! 


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